Hi there! I am a master of engineering in (C.E) by education. I am a professional QA engineer in well known IT Company. Due to Testing is my passion I just love to share my ideas with you. So If you are coming from the testing community, most welcome to my site. I will share some articles for the software testing with you which may be helpful for you.

I have a passion for Testing and believe in perfection and quality. Because of these things I have made one rule “Just Think and Execute” rule. According to this rule, as a tester, We are capable to cover the maximum numbers of test scenarios and test cases for the quality of the product.

In conclusion, I will be writing more posts on Sample Test cases and will be share with you.

Meanwhile, let me know if you have any feedback for me or for Sample Test Cases?

So that’s it…. !!! Hoping the best !!!

Thanks !!!

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