QA Testing Tricky Interview Questions

This article is based on mostly asked tricky interview questions for QA by the interviewer in software testing interviews. If you want to crack it then this article may be helpful for your interviews.

If you found a defect but now you can not reproduce it…
What would you do to reproduce a NOT REPRODUCIBLE defect?

If defect is not reproducible then you should try below things:

1. First of all, clear all cache and cookies when performing that scenario.

2.You can close UI and Re-Open.

 3. You can restart the software or application.

4. You can recollect all the steps what exactly you did before defect generated.

5. Restart your system.

How do you deal when requirements are not clear?

 1. I will try to coordinate with BA as much as I can.

2. I will check with business teams to understand logics.

3. I will verify your documents and get them reviewed by the business.

4. I will provide my feedback to my manager and get solutions for the next release.

Do you think testing team should be involved in initial stage?

Yes, I think the QA team should be involved as early as possible. It will help to understand the application better. It also helps to suggest some potential issues which save a lot of time of the development team.

How do you deal when developer is not accepting your defect?

 First, you have to check that defect, is it valid or not. Second, It might be misunderstood the requirements. So in this case you can send an email to the development team with the actual result and asking them if it correct or not. You can stand-up meetings with the project team or you can email to developer team with add your Team Lead.

Do you think test case reviews are important?

Yes, Test cases are always good to over with your QA teams because if any case you miss any scenario the review comments will help you.

Do you do peer reviews?

Yes, Peer review is help to getting test cases reviewed within your QA team before uncovering them to wide team.

What are the challenges you faced?

1. Sometimes developers are not accepting the bugs.

2. Capacity to work under a deadline.

 3. Ability to choose which tests to execute first.

4. Testing the whole application utilizing an enhanced number of test cases.

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