Software Testing for Beginners | How to Learn QA Testing

Software testing for beginners – Software testing is testing the functionality to find errors, defects, missing requirements according to customers’ requirements. Software testing needs in the IT industry because it ensures the product’s quality. 


  1. Importance of Software Testing
  2. Advantages of Software Testing
  3. Error and Defect
  4. Software Tester Roles
  5. Guideline for Beginners
  6. Conclusion

1. Importance of Software Testing: 

Humans make mistakes all the time!!

 “Software testing is really important to raise the defects and errors that found during the development stage”. 

As the psychology of human beings, we are unable to find mistakes in work that is done by us. So It is good to have someone to verify our work and find issues which are done by us. So in this way Software engineers might not be able to find the defects in applications that are implemented by them so most of the organizations hire Software Testers / QAs/ QA Engineers to improve the quality of the product.

2. Advantages of Manual Testing:

  • Software testing will help to finalize the software, application, or web application against the customer’s requirements.
  • It is a part of the quality of product or service that the testing done properly and the product is ready for the users to use.
  • It is a process to find defects before the release product
  • Software Testing is all about the quality of the product and gaining confidence in the quality.
  • Software testing is also to prevent defects
  • It is a process to ensure the requirements delivers to the customers.

3. Errors and Defects:

Error:  Error is one kind of programming mistake that is done by humans.


The defect is a variance between the expected result and the actual result. 

When we have the requirements and we verify the application as per the client’s requirements. So when an application is not working as per the client’s requirements and the difference between the actual result and expected result is called a defect or bug. Some organizations use the tools for reporting defects or bugs.

4. Software Tester Roles:

  • Software Testers involves in the requirements phase and gather the requirements from the clients or BA
  • They are responsible for designing the test cases as per the requirements and also create test scenarios, procedures, scripts, and generate test data.
  • Testers perform functional testing, UI testing, integration testing, system testing, regression testing, and re-testing.
  • They run the test cases in the development phase and find the defects in the early stages.
  • Software testers reduce the company’s risks of legal liability.
  • They can save money, time, and the company’s reputation by identifying defects before the release of production.
  • Software Testers involves in continuously improving software or application.

5. Guideline for Beginners:

  • Testing can’t show that bugs don’t exist. 

The main reason for testing is to prevent defects. Testers can perform different types of testing on applications and find the defects and report to the developers. 

  • It is difficult to test a program totally.

Unfortunately, this is not possible to test the application or program completely. Due to there are numbers of inputs and outputs possible as per the specification in testing.

  • You can’t guarantee quality. 

As a software tester, you cannot perform all scenarios and are not responsible for the quality of the product. The important thing is that the software tester may fail to report defects effectively to developers.

  • No application is 100% bug-free:

It shows that any of the applications or software may contain any minor or major bugs which are not found in the testing phase. There is not any software or application which is 100% bug-free.

  •  Be the customer:

As a tester, you should try to test as an end-user in the application so you can find more issues and also observe more deeply in the application. You will get more idea about the software and you can also test non-functional testing which totally depends on the customer’s expectations

6. Conclusion

As software testing is not only part of finding errors, bugs in the application but it is more important to maintain the quality of the software or application. It should work as per the specification. 

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