Software Testing Interview Questions

In this article, We have covered the most common software testing interview questions for the software testing community. software testing interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced will help you to crack the interview.

Tell me something about yourself.

Hi! I am “XYZ name “. I am a persevering QA Engineer with “Total year” long stretches of involvement with the specialization of manual testing. I am working for “Organization name”. I have worked on different domains such as “Domain areas”. I have very good experience in writing Test cases and bug reports. I have additionally effectively performed testing like “Testing names”. I have also a basic knowledge of automation testing tools. We use the “Test management Tool name” for test management and bug reporting. I am a master of engineering by education and I am working as a QA Engineer in my current organization.

Software testing- Tell me something about yourself

Explain the Project(For an Experience)

1.Cover basic flow of the application

2.STLC Model (Agile, Water flow, etc)

3.Project Team Size

4.Test Management Tool

5.Roles and Responsibilities

Explain project in software testing

What are the types of software testing?

a. Functional Testing

b. Non – Functional Testing 

Difference between functional testing and non-functional testing.

  Functional Testing Non- Functional Testing
Based on how well system is worked.Based on how well system is perform.
Based on the client’s requirements.Based on client’s expectation.
Done before the non-functional testing.Done after the functional testing.
Easy to define functional requirements.Hard to defined the non-functional testing requirements.
Easy to perform in manual testing.Difficult to perform non-functional in manual testing.
Types: Unit Testing Integration Testing System Testing UAT Testing Sanity Testing Smoke Testing Regression TestingTypes: Performance Testing UI Testing Usability Testing Compatibility Testing Load Testing Volume Testing Stress Testing  

What is STLC?

STLC stands for Software Testing Life Cycle. STLC phases activities which should be carried out systematically to help the evaluation of software application.

a. Requirements and Analysis

b. Test Planning

c. Test Design

d. Test Implementation

e. Test Execution

f. Test closure

 What is Bug/ Defect?

The variance between the actual results and the expected results.

 Defect/Bug Life Cycle

Please Read: Bug Life Cycle

Difference between Regression testing and Re-testing.

Retesting: It is testing the previously failed test cases on the new build to verify that previously raised bugs are actually fixed or not.

Regression: Testing the unchanged functionality of an application to make sure that adding new functionality, deleting functionality, fixing the defect or modification is not impacting the unchanged feature of an application.

Difference between Regression and re-testing

Difference between smoke testing and sanity testing.

Smoke Testing: It is the initial testing process to check whether the software under test is ready for further testing. It is also known as “day 0” check.

Sanity Testing: It is done during the release phase to check the main functionalities of the software application with minor changes in code or functionality, to check that the bugs have been fixed and no further issues are introduced due to these changes.

Difference between Verification and Validation.

          Verification            Validation
Verifying customer, software or functional requirement specification.Testing the functionality of an application by executing test cases is called validation.
Execution of code does not requiredExecution of code is required.
Done by developersDone by testers
Activities : Walkthrough, Reviews, MeetingsActivities: White Box testing Black Box testing
Before ValidationAfter Verification

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