How to write a Bug Report? | Bug Report in Software Testing

What is Bug?

The deviation between the expected result and the actual result. The bug also can be defined as the abnormal behavior of the software, web, and mobile application. A bug can be an error, mistake, defect, or fault, which may cause failure or deviation from expected results.

Bug report meaning is reports that provide bug details in a program are generally known as bug reports.

1. The communication gap between clients, developers, and testers.

2. Frequently changes in the requirements.

3. Many errors in programs.

4. Lack of technological skills

5. Lack of time for testing.

Bug Life Cycle
Bug Life Cycle

New: When a tester finds any new defect and post it the first time then defect status is “New”.

Assign: When the defect is assigned to the development team then the defect status change to “Assigned”.

Open: When the developer team starts work on that defect then the status of the defect is “Open”.

Fixed: When the developer team makes some changed in code and verifies that change then the status of the defect will be “Fixed”.

Re-Testing: when a defect is fixed and ready to test again then the status of the defect is changed to “Re-testing”.

Closed: When the defect is verified and the bug is no longer exists in the system then the status of the bug will be changed as “Closed”.

Re-open: When the defect is not fixed after re-testing then the tester changes the status of the defect to “Re-open”.

Duplicate: When any defect is repeated then the status of the defect is changed as “Duplicate”.

Defferred: It depends on the defect that it will be fixed in the next sprint or next release.

1. When a defect is not related to the current sprint.

2. When the defect is found at the end of the release and the bug is minor.

Rejected: When the defect is not considered as a genuine defect by the development team then the status of the defect is changed to “Rejected”.

Here is given a bug report sample. It will help you with how to write a bug report in Excel Sheet or any other Bug Tracking Tool. This is a bug report sample.

1Bug IDLogin_01
4Bug TitleThe login button is not clickable.
5EnvironmentWindows 10, Chrome Browser
6Steps to Reproduce1. Navigate to destination url
2. Enter valid credentials
3. Click on Login Button
7Actual ResultThe user is unable to click on the login button.
8Expected ResultThe user should be able to click on the login button and the user should be able to login.
9Assigned toDeveloper Name
10Reported ByTester Name
12AttachmentScreenshot or Video

In software testing, there are many tools used for report defects. Bug reporting tools are :

The main thing is in bug reporting is that it should be effective so it is a higher chance to fix a bug. Bug Reporting is one kind of skill that how you explain easily.

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