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What is Test Scenario?

Test Scenario is high-level documentation. Scenario testing evaluates the performance and functionalities of the software in general, from the perspective of the client. Consider the test scenario as the mother of all related test cases. We can also define it as “What to Test”. Let’s learn more about how to write a test scenario in software testing.

Test Scenarios are created to guarantee that each and every functionality of software, web, or mobile application is working as a customer’s expectation. To make exact test situations, it is ideal to accumulate contributions from customers, partners, and designers. So this helps viably spread all conceivable customer scenarios and scenario testing of all business flows of the product being referred to.

Test Scenario, What is test scenario


1. The tester must have a good knowledge of business and the functional requirements of the software, Web, and Mobile Application.

2. Testers have to understand the project workflow and related the same to the requirements

High-Level Test Scenario:

Test scenarios are high-level classifications of test requirements grouped depending on the functionality of a module and they can be derived from the use cases.

Test Scenario advantages :

1) It reduces the chance of repeatability

2) It reduces the complexity of the application to understand.

3) It reduces the unwanted cost.

4) It helps to automate the testing of applications.

5) Good test coverage is dividing the application in the test scenario.

Test Scenarios Example :

Test Scenario Template – E-commerce Application :

For an e-Commerce web Application, a few sample test scenarios would be

NoRequirements IDTest Scenarios
1Login FunctionalityCheck the Email or Phone Text field
  Check the Password Text field
  Check the Forgot Password
  Check the Show password EYE icon
  Check the Sign-in Button 
2Search FunctionalityCheck the Search Button
  Check the Search box 
3Product PageCheck the Product name
  Check the  Product image
  Check the Add to cart button
  Check the Buy Now button
  Check that the Quantity dropdown list
4Cart PageCheck the Add quantity function
  Check the delete items button
  Check the Proceed button
  Check the delivery location
5Payment PageCheck with the Credit card option
  Check with the Debit card option
  Check with the Net Banking option
  Check with the BHIM UPI option
  Check that Cash on Delivery option
  Check the Pay Now Button


So, In this way, we can write test scenarios for the software, web, and Mobile application. Scenario testing is the most useful document in the test plan because based on test scenarios we can design test cases for the same.

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