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Incremental Model In Software Engineering

Incremental Model Definition In Software Engineering:

Incremental model in software engineering is a one of software development life cycle model. In this model, each module has to pass through the requirements, design, coding, and testing stages. So, there is a need for a subsequent release of each component to add features to the previous release. The main focus is continuous development until the complete system is achieved.

Incremental Model Phases In Software Engineering :

As per the below image, in this model, incrementally adding piece by piece expect that each piece is completed. So, Each iteration has requirements, design, coding, and testing phases. 

  1. Requirements analysis
  2. Design
  3. Coding
  4. Testing

1.Requirements Analysis:

 In this phase, the experts gather the requirements from the customers and analyze them. Requirements documents such as SRS (Software Requirement Specification), BRS(Business Requirements Specification), and CRS(Customer Requirement Specification).

2. Design: 

In this phase, the main focus is on the design of the system functionality with high-level and low-level designs.


In the coding phase of the model, the development team implements the functionality and passes it to the next phase.

4. Testing:

 When testing team receives the builds from development team, software test engineers test each and every functionality of the system and verify it as per the requirements.


Incremental Model
Incremental Model

Incremental Model advantages and disadvantages :

Incremental Model Advantages :

  1. It is easy to recognized errors and defects
  2. More flexible compare to other models
  3. The customer received important features at an early stage
  4. It is easy to test and debugging
    1. Easier to manage risks

Incremental Model Disadvantages :

  1. The cost is too high
  2. Good planning is needed.
  3. Module interface need well define


  1. When requirements are clear.
  2. If client wants to release software product to the market early.
  3. When any new technology is used.


So, in this way this model in software engineering will be helpful to develop a software product in a flexible way. If you want to explore more sdlc models then please visit below link.

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