Test Cases for Download Report

Test Cases for Download Report

Test cases for Download Report: Some websites have content and provide that contents in a report format so at that time download report functionality is used in websites. 

Reports may be in different formats such as .doc, .pdf, .xls formats. So when users download the report from the websites it should be as expected. So in this article, we have tried to maximum test cases related to download report functionality.

Test cases for Download Report

Test cases for Download Report

Sr.NoTestcase_IDTest Cases
1Testcase_01Verify whether the user download button is clickable or not.
2Testcase_02Verify that if the user clicks on the download button then the report should be downloaded.
3Testcase_03Verify that format of the downloaded report
4Testcase_04Verify that the downloaded report is accessible or not
5Testcase_05Verify that the downloaded report is as per the same result on the web page
6Testcase_06Verify that the size of the downloaded report
7Testcase_07Verify that the report name is as expected or not
8Testcase_08Verify that  it should not  add blank pages in the downloaded report
9Testcase_09Verify that report should be downloaded in single clicks
10Testcase_10Verify that name of the report should be as expected
11Testcase_11Verify the website logo is shown in the report or not
12Testcase_12Verify that information should be as expected in the report
13Testcase_13Verify that download report with double click and observe the report 
14Testcase_14Verify that when the user is able to navigate on the Download Report button by Tab key of keyboard and press Enter key, Report should be downloaded.
15 Testcase_15Verify that download report blank pages should not be added to the report.


So as above we have covered test scenarios for download report. If you are looking for test cases examples then please visit the links below.

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