test cases for functional testing

Test Cases For Functional Testing

functional test cases – First of all, if we want to write sample test cases for functional testing, We need to know about the basic definition of Functional Testing. It is one kind of testing where its features and operational behavior of a product to ensure that it corresponds as per requirement specification. Functional Testing considers the behavior of the software.

The main aim is that verify whether your product meets the intended functional specifications such as business requirements specification, user stories, use cases, epics, or may be undocumented.

test cases for functional testing

Test Cases for Functional Testing – Links

For the test, any web application starts testing with all links which are on web pages. First of all, make sure that all the links are working properly or not and none have any broken links on the web page.

sample test cases for functional testing

Sr.NoTestScenarios_ID                    Description
1Link_01Check the Outgoing or External links
2Link_02Check the Internal links
3Link_03Check the Anchor links
4Link_04Check the Mail To Links

Functional TestingLinks

1Link_01To verify that the link provided should be open in the same window, new Window, or Tab Window.
2Link_02To verify that any link should not show any 404 error  page or any other error page after opening
3Link_03 To verify if the link contains an image then the image should load properly and should be visible.
4Link_04To verify that color for a web link in all browsers.
5Link_05To verify that on mouse hover, it should display color as per the requirement.
6Link_06To verify that a hand icon is displayed when the mouse pointer has hovered over the link.
7Link_07To verify that all links are clickable links or not.
8Link_08To verify that upon clicking a link, the user is directed to the required or intended page/part of the website.


Web Forms should be worked as per expectation. All forms have different requirements specifications and we have to test as per its specification. Here is given a sample example for the form testing.

test cases for functional testing with examples

Test Scenarios For Functional Testing – Web Forms

1Form_01To verify that form is load with none of the data available in the forms
2Form_02To verify that all text fields have valid placeholders.
3Form_03To verify that the labels on the Forms are readable and understood
4Form_04To verify that all fields have marked with * or “Required” message should be visible for the mandatory fields
5Form_05To verify that all data is saved in the correct fields of the database when a user submits a form 
6Form_06To verify that the validation message is displayed when the user tries to submit the form with no data
7Form_07To verify that an error message is displayed when the user exceeds the minimum and maximum limit of values
8              Form_08To verify that the user can upload the files specified in forms such as PDF, image, etc.
9Form_09To verify that the user can remove the file attached or uploaded in WebForm.
10Form_10To verify that all fields are cleared when the user clicks on the ‘Clear’ button.


Cookies are mainly stored in three kinds of information. Firstly, The name of the server from where the cookie info was sent. Secondly, The cookie’s expiry date and lastly The cookie’s unique identifier is simply called a cookie ID. Cookies should work as expected. Cookies are one kind of small file that is used in websites for initial remember current user sessions so users do not need to sign in every time when visiting the website.

Test Cases For Functional Testing – Cookies

1Cookies_01To verify that after deleting cookies session, login credentials ask for new visitors on the web page.
2Cookies_02To verify that cookies session and cache memory should be expired when reaching an expired date
3Cookies_03To verify that corrupt cookie and monitor the behavior of web application.
4Cookies_04To verify that cookies information on all the web browsers.
5Cookies_05To verify that cookies information should be encrypted before it is sent to the local computer.
6Cookies_06To verify that edit the cookie information and user should not be logged in website and should display the message  “Access denied”


Workflow testing is an end-to-end testing technique in software testing. These tests are performed to verify that each business scenario accurately reflects the business process.

Test Cases For Functional Testing – Workflow

1Functional_01To verify that  all the mandatory fields should be validated
2Functional_02To verify that the system should not display the error message for optional fields.
3Functional_03To verify that the “asterisk” sign should be display for all the mandatory fields.
4Functional_04To verify that the numeric fields should not accept the alphabets and special characters. It should be proper error message should display.
5Functional_05To verify that negative numbers if allowed for numeric fields.
6Functional_06To verify that any functionality fails on the web page, user should be redirected to customer error page
7Functional_07To verify that  the pop-up message (“This field is limited to 500 characters”) should  display
8Functional_08To verify that a confirmation message should display after the update and delete operations.
9Functional_09To verify all text fields with special characters.
10Functional_10To verify that session timeout functionality.
11Functional_11To verify that Sorting functionality.
12Functional_12To verify that all buttons functionality for web page
13Functional_13To verify that Privacy Policy & FAQ web page should be available


functional testing test cases example are the most important part of software testing. Functional Testing is mainly testing the functionalities of the web application. Functions are worked as per requirements. Functional testing is executed on a primary basis. Some of testing such as Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, Acceptance Testing, Regression Testing, Smoke Testing, and Sanity Testing are an example of Functional Testing. The main goal of functional testing is that check whether the system is functionally perfect or not.

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