test cases and test scenarios

Test Cases And Test Scenarios

Test cases and Test scenarios are used in software testing. Test cases vs Test scenarios are part of the software testing life cycle. In this article we will discuss definition and differences between the test case and test scenario.

Test Cases : Test cases mostly depend on how to test.

Test scenarios : Test scenarios mostly depend on what to test.

Difference between Test Cases And Test Scenarios

Test ScenariosTest cases
Test scenarios are concerned with ‘What to test’.Test cases are concerned with ‘How to test’.
Test scenarios is a high level documentation.Test cases are low level documentation.
Test scenarios described in just one single line.Test cases are described in a step by step process to execute.
To execute test scenarios, testers must have software product knowledge.To execute test cases, testers do not need software product knowledge.
Test scenarios are mostly derived from customer’s requirements or business requirements.Test cases are derived from test scenarios.
Test scenarios need less resources to execute.Test cases need more resources to execute.
Test data is not used while executing test scenarios.Test data is used while executing test cases.
Test scenarios need less time to execute.Test cases need more time to execute.

Test Scenarios Example

Test Scenario IDTest ScenarioStatus
TS_01Verify login functionality with valid credentialsPass
TS_02Verify login functionality with invalid credentialsPass

Test Cases Example

Test cases IdTC_001
Test case objectiveVerify login functionality with valid credentials
Test Steps1. Navigate to URL 2. Click on Email Id 3. Enter valid email address 4. Click on password 5. Enter valid password 6. Click on Login button
Test DataEmail ID- abc@gmail.com Password- 123456
Expected ResultUser should be able to click on login button and redirect on home page.
Actual ResultUser is able to login and redirected on home page.


So in this way we have mentioned the difference between test scenario and test cases. In software testing test scenario vs test cases are most important.

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