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How To Write Bug Report Bug Report – Meaning, Example, Format And Template

Bug Report is a important part of the software testing. As a software testers must have knowledge of reporting defects to the developers. Whenever software tester logged a defect, it should be effective and easy to understand to the developer. So it will have higher chances for the fixed the defect by the developers .

So In this article we are trying to explain how to write a quality and effective defect report. First of all we will discuss the bug report. Before writing the bug report example we will discuss the meaning of bug reporting.

Bug Report Meaning

In software testing, when testers observe the difference between the actual result and expected result during the test case execution then testers need to report the issue to the developer to resolve the issue. Generally report is a one kind of collection of information mentioned in the document.

A bug report is a specific document where the collection of information about the issues on the web application or mobile application. In the report, detailed information regarding the errors, steps, test environments, summary, actual issue, expected behavior and the attachment are mentioned.

Bug Report Format

Actually bug report format mostly depends on the organization. Because of this some organizations use bug reporting tools or use excel for bug reporting. Organizations may use defect tracking tools such as JIRA, Bugzilla, Mantis or Zoho. 

In JIRA Format :

In JIRA project management tool bug report format will be as below.

Create Issue:

Summary:Login button does not work.
Problem Description:When a user tries to click on the login button then the login button is not working.
Found Environment:Testing Environment
Label:Smoke Testing
Assignee:Developer Name
Reporter:Tester Name
Attachment:Screenshots, Videos

In Excel Format :

If any organization does not use any project management tool for defect tracking then Excel sheets will be most helpful to log a defect and assign it to the developer team. Below we have mentioned in excel format.

Bug ID001
Bug TitleHere you can enter the defect title
Steps to reproduceHere you can enter the steps to reproduce the issue.
Actual ResultEnter the actual result 
Expected ResultEnter  the expected result 
Date of ReportingEnter  the date of reporting issue
PriorityEnter the priority of the issue
SeverityEnter the severity of the issue
StatusEnter the status of the issue
Reported byEnter the reporter name
Assigned toEnter the assignee

Bug Report
Bug Report

Bug Report Example

As above mentioned it in the excel format, we will see how to effectively write bug reports in excel. It will be useful to testers for practice purposes who do not have any project management tool.

Bug_IDBug_TitleSteps to reproduceActual ResultExpected ResultDate of ReportingPriorityQA
1Login button does not work.1. Navigate to “Url”
2. Enter valid email id
3. Enter valid password
4. Click on “Login” button
5. Observe the behavior
Login button is not clickable.Users should be able to click on it and be able to log in the application.12/6/2022HighGeorge

Bug Report Template

For the bug reports template we can use the excel template for the defect reporting. So This template will be useful to the testers who do not use any defect tracking tool for the defect reporting. As based on the template, It will get an idea about how to write quality defect reports.

 Bug Report Template in Manual Testing :

Bug_IDBug_TitleSteps to reproduceActual ResultExpected ResultDate of ReportingSeverityPriorityStatusReported byAssigned to


So in this way bug reports in software testing is the most important topic. Based on the defect logging, the developer team will work on the issue. So the tester must be good at bug reporting.

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