test cases for online book store

Test Cases For Online Book Store

An online book store is a convenient and popular way for customers to purchase books and other reading materials. However, with the high volume of users and the sensitive nature of the financial transactions involved, it is important to ensure that the system is functioning properly and securely. This is where test cases for online book store come in.

Positive Test Cases For Online Book Store

  1. User registration: Ensure that users can successfully register for an account on the website. Test for valid and invalid inputs, and make sure the user receives a confirmation email after registering.
  2. Book search: Verify the search function to ensure that it returns relevant results based on the user’s search query. Test for various search terms, and make sure the results are displayed in a clear and organized manner.
  3. Book details: Verify that users can view detailed information about a book. For example the book cover, title, author, description, price, and other relevant information.
  4. Add to cart: Verify that users can add a book to their shopping cart, and that the correct book is added with the correct quantity.
  5. Checkout process – Verify the checkout process to ensure that users can complete their order with all required information, including shipping and payment details. Make sure that users receive a confirmation of their order after it placed.
  6. Order history – Verify that users can view their order history and see details of their past orders.
  7. Account settings: Verify that users can update their account information, such as their name, email address, and password.
  8. Reviews and ratings – Verify that users can leave reviews and ratings for books, and that the reviews and ratings displays accurately.
  9. Book categories: Ensure that books are properly categorized, and that users can easily browse books by category.
  10. Availability – Verify that the website accurately displays the availability of books, and that users cannot order books that are out of stock.

Negative Test Cases For Online Book Store

  1. Invalid input: Verify for invalid inputs in registration, such as entering an invalid email address, or entering a password that does not meet the minimum password requirements.
  2. Search with no results: Verify the search function with a search term that does not return any results. Ensure that the website provides a clear message to the user that no results found.
  3. Out of stock items: Verify adding an out of stock item to the shopping cart and ensure that the website prevents the user from placing the order.
  4. Invalid coupon codes: Verify the use of an invalid or expired coupon code during the checkout process. Ensure that the website provides an error message to the user and does not apply the discount.
  5. Payment processing errors: Verify the payment process with invalid credit card details, or by purposely entering incorrect billing information. Ensure that the website provides an error message to the user and does not process the payment.
  6. Order cancellation: Verify the ability to cancel an order and ensure that the website cancels the order and refunds the user’s payment appropriately.
  7. Unauthorized access: Verify accessing a user’s account without authorization by attempting to login with an incorrect password, or by accessing a user’s account information without permission.
  8. Incorrect book information: Verify for incorrect or inaccurate book information, such as an incorrect book title, author, or description.
  9. Slow website performance: Verify the website’s performance by loading pages slowly or with intermittent internet connectivity.
  10. Security vulnerabilities: Verify for security vulnerabilities, such as cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks or SQL injection attacks, and ensure that the website is secure from such attacks.


In conclusion, test cases are an essential tool for ensuring the proper functioning of online book stores. They help to identify any potential issues and ensure that the system is secure and user-friendly. Regular testing is crucial to maintaining the integrity of the system and ensuring the satisfaction of its customers. With the growth of e-commerce and the increasing number of customers relying on online bookstores, it is important to have a robust and reliable system that can meet their needs.

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