Smoke and sanity testing

Difference Between Sanity Testing Vs Smoke Testing

In software testing, sanity testing and smoke testing are functional testing types. Both test types are used to improve the quality of software applications. 

In this article, we will discuss about the definition and difference of the sanity testing vs smoke testing.

What is Smoke Testing?

Smoke Testing means when testers will receive a build from a developer at the very first time then testers will have to check some basic and critical functionality on the build. Basic and critical functionality should not be broken. It is called smoke testing. 

What is Sanity Testing? 

Sanity Testing is also called narrow regression testing. It can be performed after completing the regression testing.

Difference between sanity testing and smoke testing is shown below.

Difference Between Sanity Testing Vs Smoke Testing

Smoke TestingSanity Testing
When testing the basic and critical functionality of the application at a very high level is called smoke testing.In this testing, Testers will test some areas of the functionality of an application.
It is also called as white testing and shallow testing.It is also called narrow regression testing.
We can automate the smoke testing.We cannot automate sanity testing.
Usually, we need documentation for smoke testing.Usually, we do not need documentation for sanity testing.
Smoke Testing can be done by developers and testers.Sanity Testing can be done by only testers.
Testers can perform only positive testing for smoke testing.Testers can perform positive and negative testing for sanity testing.


So as above, we discussed the difference between smoke vs sanity testing. In most of the software testing interviews, this difference is mostly asked by the interviewers. If you are also looking for more differences then please visit the link below.

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