Test Cases for Header Block

How To Write Test Cases For Header

Test cases for Header: The header is the main block of any website and it should be perfect and precise. When users land on any website, the header block should be as expected.

In this article, we have tried to cover the maximum test scenario for header block of the website. All websites have different header designs, navbars, menu bars alignments, and functionality. 

Test cases for Header :

Sr. NoTestcase_IDTest Cases
1Testcase_01Verify that the header layout is as per the client’s requirement or not.
2Testcase_02Verify that the header block should be properly aligned or not.
3Testcase_03Verify that the logo of the website is properly displayed in the header block or not.
4Testcase_04Verify that the header navbar design is as expected or not.
5Testcase_05Verify that text links on the header navbar should be properly aligned.
6Testcase_06Verify that text links on the header navbar is clickable or not
7Testcase_07Verify that the user should land on the homepage of the website when clicking on the header logo.
8Testcase_08Verify that the header block is sticky on the web page or not.
9Testcase_09Verify that when hovering over the link text, the color is changed or not.
10Testcase_10Verify that the header menu is displayed in collapse or not.

Test cases for Header Block

Sr. NoTestcase_IDTest Cases
11Testcase_11Verify that the header menu is displayed properly or not
12Testcase_12Verify that the search field is displayed on the header block or not.
13Testcase_13Verify that the header menu is displayed in the drop-down menu or not.
14Testcase_14Verify that the header menu is web responsive or not.
15Testcase_15Verify that the header menu is mobile responsive or not.
16Testcase_16Verify header logo and icons should be displayed properly in mobile device view.
17Testcase_17Verify that the header icon should be displayed properly.
18Testcase_18Verify that the mouse icon should be changed when hovering over text links in the header block.
19Testcase_19Verify that the header block design should not be the same as the body design.
20Testcase_20Verify that the header should be the same on all web pages of the website.

Conclusion :

In this article, We have tried to cover maximum test cases related to the header section. If you are interested to learn more about test cases please visit the below posts.

Thank you.!

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