Test Cases for White Board

Test Cases For White Board

Test cases for White Board : In this article, we include the positive test cases and negative test cases for the whiteboard. This is a common topic for software testing interviews. So many interviewers ask candidates for test scenarios for the White Board.

Positive Test Cases for White Board

Sr.NoTestcase_IDTest Cases
1Postive_01Check that type of  whiteboard like magnetic or nonmagnetic
2Postive_02Check that the brand name of the whiteboard
3Postive_03Check that the brand logo of the whiteboard
4Postive_04Check that weight of the whiteboard
5Postive_05Check the dimensions ( LxWxH ) of the whiteboard.
6Postive_06Check that color of the whiteboard
7Postive_07Check that material of the whiteboard
8Postive_08Check that type of the use of the whiteboard like office or classroom
9Postive_09Check that frame of the whiteboard
10Postive_10Check that hooks are properly fitted or not
11Postive_11Check that marker and duster holder are available or not
12Postive_12Check that whiteboard’s surface is smooth or not
13Postive_13Check that it is easy to move around or not
14Postive_14Check that user is able to write with a marker pen or not

Test Cases for White Board

Negative Test Cases for the White Board

Sr.NoTestcase_IDTest Cases
1Negative_01Verify if writing on board, scratches are displayed or not.
2Negative_02Verify that writing visibility on the whiteboard with minimum glare
3Negative_03Verify that after removing writing, no ghost mark should be displayed
4Negative_04Verify if writing with a permanent marker
5Negative_05Verify that it is waterproof or not

Conclusion :

So as above, we mentioned test cases for the whiteboard and if you want to explore test cases for the table, pen then please visit the links below.

Thank you, Readers….!!!!

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