Test Cases for Menu Bar

Test Cases For Menu Bar

Test Cases For Menu Bar – In software testing interviews, the interviewer asks about test scenarios of website menu bar. Each website has different menu bar functionality. In this post, we have covered some common “menu bar test cases”.

UI Test Cases For Menu Bar

Sr.NoTestcase_IDTest Cases
1UI_01Verify that the design of the menu bar
2UI_02Verify that the layout of the menu bar
3UI_03Verify that the height of the menu bar
4UI_04Verify that the width of the menu bar
5UI_05Verify that the color of the menu bar
6UI_06Verify that the text of the menu bar
7UI_07Verify that the text color of the menu bar
8UI_08Verify that menu items should be displayed properly
9UI_09Verify space between two menu items in the menu bar
10UI_10Verify that when hovering over menu items, the color of the links is changed or not
11UI_11Verify that menubar should be user friendly
12UI_12Verify that menubar should be displayed the same in all browsers
13UI_13Verify that icons should be displayed properly in the menu bar

Functional Test Cases For Menu Bar

Sr.NoTestcase_IDTest Cases
1Functional_01Verify that when the user hovers over menu items then links should be highlighted
2Functional_02Verify that the when user clicks on menu items the user should be navigated to the destination page
3Functional_03Verify that if the user clicks on a collapsed menu item then sub-menu items should be expanded.
4Functional_04Verify that the down arrow should be working properly
5Functional_05Verify that the search button functionality is available in the menu bar or not
6Functional_06Verify that search functionality should be working properly.
7Functional_07Verify that all links should be working properly

Test Cases for Menu Bar

Negative Test Cases For Menu Bar

Sr.NoTestcase_IDTest Cases
1Negative_01Verify that all menu items should be clickable
2Negative_02Verify that the user should not be redirect on 404 page by clicking on menu items
3Negative_03Verify that submenu should be expanded when clicking on it


 So in this way, We have mentioned UI, functional, and negative test cases for menu bar. If you want to explore more test cases then please visit the links below.

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