Test Cases For Bulb

How To Write Test Cases For Bulb

Test cases for Bulb- In this post, we will discuss positive and negative test scenarios for bulb. Test scenarios for bulb are asked by the interviewer in the software testing interview.

Positive – Test Cases for Bulb

Sr.NoTestcase_IDTest Cases
1Testcase_01Check that the brand of the bulb
2Testcase_02Check that the brand logo on the bulb
3Testcase_03Check that the type of the bulb
4Testcase_04Check that the color of the bulb
5Testcase_05Check that the material of the bulb
6Testcase_06Check that the shape of the bulb
7Testcase_07Check that the height of the bulb
8Testcase_08Check that the weight of the bulb
9Testcase_09Check that the length of the bulb
10Testcase_10Check that the voltage of the bulb

Test Cases For Bulb
Test Cases For Bulb

11Testcase_11Verify that the light color of the bulb
12Testcase_12Verify that the wattage of the bulb
13Testcase_13Verify that the light source wattage of the bulb
14Testcase_14Verify that the average life of the bulb
15Testcase_15Verify that the bulb holder is properly implemented or not
16Testcase_16Verify that light is sufficient or not for reading in a specific room
17Testcase_17Check that batteries are required or not
18Testcase_18Check that the color temperature of the bulb
19Testcase_19Check that the wattage mark on the bulb
20Testcase_20Check that the power type of the bulb

Negative – Test Cases for Bulb

Sr.NoTestcase_IDTest Cases
1Negative_01Verify that the bulb resistance when continuously repeating the action of switching ON and OFF
2Negative_02Verify that the bulb condition when passing high voltage of the power


So as discussed above, we tried to cover maximum positive and negative test cases for bulb. If you are interested to explore more test cases then please visit the below links

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