Test cases for Microwave oven

Test cases for Microwave Oven

Test cases for Microwave Oven: In this article, we tried to cover positive and negative test cases for the Microwave Oven. We also include the functional test scenarios for the microwave oven in the article below.

Positive Test cases for Microwave Oven

Sr.NoTestcase_IDTest Cases
1Testcase_01Check that type of microwave oven like solo, grill, or convection
2Testcase_02Check that the company name is properly displayed or not
3Testcase_03Check that the Brand logo is properly displayed on the microwave oven or not
4Testcase_04Check that size of the microwave oven
5Testcase_05Check that color of the microwave oven
6Testcase_06Check that material of the microwave oven
7Testcase_07Check that capacity of the microwave oven
8Testcase_08Check that the compact design of the microwave oven
9Testcase_09Check that glass is turnable or not
10Testcase_10Check that weight of the microwave oven
11Testcase_11Check that dimensions of the microwave oven
12Testcase_12Check that voltage of the microwave oven
13Testcase_13Check that batteries are required or not
14Testcase_14Check that all buttons are properly worked or not
15Testcase_15Check that food is properly reheating or not
16Testcase_16Check that food is grilled properly or not
17Testcase_17Check that the digital displayed screen should be properly visible to users
18Testcase_18Check that oven’s door is properly opened and get closed
19Testcase_19Check that different kinds of food at different temperature
20Testcase_20Check that different kinds of containers
21Testcase_21Check that temperature functionality is properly working or not
22Testcase_22Check that the alarm sound system is properly working or not
23Testcase_23Check that glass rotation speed is as expected

 Test cases for Microwave Oven
Test cases for Microwave oven

Negative Test cases for Microwave Oven

Sr.NoTestcase_IDTest Cases
1Testcase_01Check oven’s condition when it runs for specific hours
2Testcase_02Check that disconnecting power while cooking is in progress


So in this way we have mentioned test cases for microwave ovens. If you want to explore another sample example of the test cases then please visit the below links.

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