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How To Write Test Cases For TV (Television)

Test cases for TV: In this article, we have tried to cover maximum positive and negative test cases for TV (Television) and all test scenarios for TV.

Positive Test Cases for TV:

Sr.NoTestcase_IDTest Cases
1Testcase_01Verify that type of television like a smart tv or normal TV
2Testcase_02Verify that the brand name of the TV
3Testcase_03Verify that the brand logo is properly displayed on TV or not
4Testcase_04Verify that color of the TV
5Testcase_05Verify that model of the TV
6Testcase_06Verify that material of the TV
7Testcase_07Verify that dimensions of the television
8Testcase_08Verify that weight of the TV
9Testcase_09Verify that resolutions of the TV
10Testcase_10Verify that displayed technology of the TV

 Test Cases for TV
Test Cases for TV

Sr.NoTestcase_ID Test Cases
11Testcase_11Verify that the screen size of the television
12Testcase_12Verify that connector types of the TV
13Testcase_13Verify that the model name of the TV
14Testcase_14Verify that the sound system of the TV
15Testcase_15Verify that HDMI connectivity is properly working or not
16Testcase_16Verify that USB connectivity is properly working or not
17Testcase_17Verify that Headphone connectivity is properly working or not
18Testcase_18Verify if smart TV then smart features is displayed or not
19Testcase_19Verify that batteries are required or not
20Testcase_20Verify that the memory storage capacity of television
21Testcase_21Verify that the RAM memory size of the TV
22Testcase_22Verify that the audio output type of the TV
23Testcase_23Verify that voltage of the TV

 Negative test cases of the TV:

Sr.NoTestcase_IDTest Cases
1Negative_01Verify whether the TV body is damaged or not.
2Negative_02Verify whether the TV screen display is damaged or not.
3Negative_03Verify that the TV is waterproof or not


So as above test cases for TV is one of the interview questions which is asked by an interviewer in the software testing interviews. If you want to explore another sample example of test cases then please visit the links below.

Thank you, Readers…!!!

Example of Test Cases:

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