Testcases for Mouse

Test Cases For Mouse

Test cases for Mouse : Mouse is one of the hardware input devices which is used for many actions such as move and selecting text, images, and files. In this article, we tried to cover UI, Functional and Negative test scenarios for Mouse.

UI Test cases For Mouse

Sr. NoTestcase_IDTest Cases
1UI_01Verify that type of mouse-like Wired, Wireless, or Bluetooth mouse
2UI_02Check the brand name of the mouse.
3UI_03Check if the brand logo is properly displayed on the mouse or not.
4UI_04Check the shape of the mouse.
5UI_05Check the color of the mouse.
6UI_06Check the connector type of the mouse.
7UI_07Check that it is compatible with windows or mac.
8UI_08Check that dimension of the mouse.
9UI_09Check the weight of the mouse.
10UI_10Check the battery life of the mouse.
11UI_11Check that the two buttons are properly clickable or not.
12UI_12Check that the wheel is properly working or not.

Test cases for mouse
Test cases for mouse

Functional Test cases For Mouse

Sr.NoTestcase_IDTest Cases
1Functional_01Verify that the user is able to move the cursor smoothly on a flat surface or not
2Functional_02Verify that the user is able to select text from the left mouse button.
3Functional_03Verify that the user is able to choose an item from the left mouse button or not
4Functional_04Verify whether the user is able to drag items from the left mouse button or not.
5Functional_05Verify that the user is able to scroll the page with the wheel of the mouse or not
6Functional_06Verify that hovering functionality is working properly or not
7Functional_07Verify mouse with keyboard functionality e.g CTRL+mouse functionality
8Functional_08Verify that the user is able to open the menu for selected objects from the right mouse button
9Functional_09Verify that the user is able to perform an action from the scroll wheel or not
10Functional_10Verify that the user is able to open and close the program with a mouse or not

Negative Test cases for Mouse

Sr.noTestcase_IDTest Cases
1Negative_01Verify that mouse cursor movement on the rough surface area
2Negative_02Verify that mouse is damaged or not
3Negative_03Check that mouse is dust sensitive or not
4Negative_04Verify that mouse is easy to use for users or not

Conclusion :

So as above, we include maximum test cases for mouse. If you want to explore more examples of test cases then please visit the links below.

Thank you, Readers…!!!

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