test cases for stapler

Test cases for Stapler

Test cases for Stapler : In this article, we have covered the UI test cases, Functional test cases, and negative test scenarios for the stapler.

UI Test cases for Stapler

Sr.NoTestcase_IDTest Cases
1UI_01Check that type of stapler: Manual or Electrical
2UI_02Check that the brand name of the stapler
3UI_03Check that the brand logo of the stapler
4UI_04Check that material of the stapler
5UI_05Check that height of the stapler
6UI_06Check that weight of the stapler
7UI_07Check that length of the stapler
8UI_08Check that color of the stapler
9UI_09Check that size of the stapler
10UI_10Check that price of the stapler

Test cases for stapler

Functional Test Cases for Stapler

Sr.NoTestcase_IDTest Cases
1Functional_01Verify that the loading capacity of staples
2Functional_02Verify that stapling capacity of the sheet
3Functional_03Verify that handle is working properly or not
4Functional_04Verify that the user is able to staples to paper sheets properly with a stapler or not
5Functional_05Verify that human force is required as expected.
6Functional_06Verify that behavior of the stapler when the user staples paper more than expected
7Functional_07Verify that the pusher of the stapler is working properly or not
8Functional_08Verify that the base area of the stapler
9Functional_09Verify that staple pins remover is working properly or not

Negative Test cases for Stapler

Sr.NoTestcase_IDTest Cases
1Negative_01Verify that stapler is getting jams or not
2Negative_02Verify if user staple of paper sheets, staple should not be stuck
3Negative_03Verify that staples of paper sheets without pins

Conclusion :

So in this way,  we mentioned common test scenarios for the stapler. If you want to explore test cases for Table, FAN, and Chair then please visit the below links.

Thank you, Readers….!!!

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