Sample Test Cases for table

How to write test cases for table?

Test cases for table is shows below positive test cases and negative test cases for the table. Each table is unique pattern of the design and the requirements. So It has covered all possible table test case scenarios.

Positive Test Cases – Table

Sr.NoTestcase_IDTest Cases
1TC_01To verify that all the parts of the Table are available or not.
2TC_02To verify all the Table’s legs are fitted properly.
3TC_03To verify that the Table Board is fitted properly or not.
4TC_04To verify that the Table is as per design specification or not.
5TC_05To check that the color of the table  is as per specification.
6TC_06To check that the legs of the table as per the specification or not.
7TC_07Check that the table board as per the specification or not.
8TC_08To check that the logo of the company is properly or not.
9TC_09To verify that length, breadth, and other size specifications of the Table. It should be as per specification.
10TC_10To verify that the Size and shape should be confirmable to put the goods on it.
11TC_11To verify the material of the Table. It should be as per specification.
12TC_12To verify that the weight of the Table.
13TC_13To verify that the Table’s material should not be easily damaged.
14TC_14To verify that the ply sheet should be provided over the Table or not.
15TC_15To verify that the Table’s legs are on the same level on the floor.
16TC_16To verify that the height of the Table from the floor.
17TC_17To verify that the table should be adjustable to make height or low.
18TC_18To verify that the Table should enough space to put the goods on it. 
19TC_19To verify that the Table should be stable to take an average load.
20TC_20To verify that the usability of the Table as an office Table, normal household Table.
21TC_21To verify that the condition when washed wh water or the effect of water on Table.
22TC_22To verify that table should have a functional design that enables a single person or multiple persons to sit comfortably around it.
23TC_23To verify that a user can place full weight on the upright portion of the Table.
24TC_24To verify that the table should have wheels on the bottom to move from one to another place if it is a wheel Table.
25TC_25To check that the Table can be gripped easily or not.
26TC_26To check that the look and feel should be good.
27TC_27To check when putting a high amount of pressure on the Table for a particular amount of time.
28TC_28To Check when under the most harmful environmental conditions associated with raw materials that create its form (e.g Wood)
29TC_29To check that the pay particular attention to putting stress on points on the Table. 
30TC_30To verify that the Table continues to perform its function or not.
31TC_31To check that putting on distinct types of surfaces like wood, Grass, floor, glass.
32TC_32To verify that the Table is properly working on all environments or not.
33TC_33To verify that the time you can able to sit on it within the single sitting.

Negative Test Cases – Table

Sr.NoTestcase_IDTest Cases
1TC_01To verify that Table stress testing by dropping the Table down from a practical height.
2TC_02To verify how the Table is working at different climate environmental conditions.
3TC_03To verify the balance of the Table with three or two legs.

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