Sample Test Cases for FAN

Sample Test Cases for Fan

In this article, We have covered maximum test cases for FAN. Here, We have included positive and negative test cases for Fan.

Positive Test Cases – Fan

Sr.NoTestcase_IDTest Cases
1TC_01Check that all parts of the Fan is fitting properly or not.
2TC_02Check that the Fan blade is fitted properly or not.
3TC_03Check that the type of Fan- whether it is a Table Fan or Ceiling Fan.
4TC_04To verify that the Fan is as per design specification or not.
5TC_05To verify that the color of the Fanis as per specification.
6TC_06To verify that the Blades of the Fan as per the specification or not.
7TC_07To verify the logo of the company is as per the design specification or not.
8TC_08To verify that length, breadth, and other size specifications of the Fan as per mentioned in the requirement. 
9TC_09To verify the number of blades on the fan.
10TC_10To verify the body material of the Fan-  metallic, plastic or any other material as per the specification
11TC_11Check that the weight of the Fan.
12TC_12To verify that enough distance present between fan blades and ceiling.
13TC_13To verify that the blades of the fan can be bend or not.
14TC_14To verify that the fan is running with minimum noise and vibrations or not.
15TC_15To check that the fan is not wobbling when it’s in the movement. 
16TC_16To verify that the Fan is usable for similar Blades of different brands.
17TC_17Check that the length of the fan rod and blades. 
18TC_18To verify that blades and fan rod properly fit with Fan. 
19TC_19To verify that the Fan can be fit properly with celling.
20TC_20Check that the speed varies when the regulator adjusted.
21TC_21To check that the Speed of the fan is controlled by the regulator or not.
22TC_22To verify that the Fan should always work in a clockwise direction.
23TC_23To verify that the fan works normally-throws wind in the right direction. 
24TC_24To verify that the fan is stopped only if the electric switch OFF.
25TC_25To verify that the fan is started only if the electric switch ON.
26TC_26To verify that the time required to reach its maximum speed when the fan is switched ON.
27TC_27To verify that the voltage power requirement of the fan as per mentioned in the requirement or not.
28TC_28To verify that when in motion, the fan should not wobble.
29TC_29To verify that the Fan body should not be too thick or too thin.
30TC_30To verify that the look and feel should be good.
31TC_31Check that the fan’s internal parts of the body should be available for a lifetime.
32TC_32To verify that the fan’s motor and electrical parts if any under unexpected outage of electricity 
33TC_33To verify that the fan should be worked properly under-voltage fluctuation conditions.
34TC_34To verify that the fan’s condition when continuously switched on for a very large duration.
35TC_35Check the minimum and maximum speed of the fan.
36TC_36To check that the material used for fan blades and check if it’s not getting bend when it is in motion.

Negative Test Cases – Fan

Sr.NoTestcase_IDTest Cases
1TC_01To verify that fan is working without a capacitor or not.
2TC_02To check that the Fan has the right colored
3TC_03To verify that the Fan stresses testing by dropping the Fan down from a practical height.
4TC_04To check that the Fan is working at different climate environmental conditions.

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