Test Cases For Remote Control

Test Scenarios For Remote Control

In this post, we have tried to cover maximum test scenarios for the remote control. We included positive and negative test cases for the remote control.

Positive Test Cases For Remote Control

1. Check the type of remote control. For Example TV Remote, AC Remote.

2. Check that the company name of the remote control.

3. Check that the company logo of the remote control.

4. Check that the color of the remote control.

5. Check that the shape of the remote control.

6. Check that the size of the remote control.

7. Check that the height of the remote control.

8. Check that the width of the remote control.

9. Check that the length of the remote control.

10. Check that 0 to 9 buttons are properly displayed or not.

11. Check that the ON and OFF button should be displayed properly or not.

12. Check that the Channel Up and down button is working properly or not.

13. Check that the volume up and down button is working properly or not.

14. Check that batteries are required or not.

15. Check that the Home and Back button is working properly or not.

16. Check that if user clicks on any number then channel should be changed as per clicked numbers.

17. Check that all buttons should be working as expected or not.

18. Check that pressure is required or not when pressing the button.

19. Check the strength of the remote’s outer body, if it works normally on dropping from a certain height

20. Check that the numbers and information on the button should be readable.

21. Check that the remote button should be working properly if user pressing button continuous.

Negative Test Cases For Remote Control

1. Verify that any numbers are missing on remote control or not.

2. Verify that the remote is damaged or not.

3. Verify that the remote is waterproof or not.

4. Verify that if user press multiple buttons at time.


So in this way, we covered test cases for remote control. If you are looking for more examples then please visit the link below.

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