Test cases for AC

Test scenarios for AC | Positive and Negative Test Cases for AC

Test scenarios for AC (Air Conditioner): In this article, we cover the positive test cases and negative test cases for AC. Test cases for AC (Air Conditioner) is mostly ask by interviewer in software testing interview.

Positive Test Cases for AC :

Sr.NoTestcase_IDTest Cases
1Positive_01Verify that type of air conditioner like windows air conditioner, Central air conditioner, Portable air conditioner or split air conditioner
2Positive_02Verify that the brand name of the AC
3Positive_03Verify that the brand logo is properly displayed on AC or not
4Positive_04Verify that colour of the AC
5Positive_05Verify that the inverter type of the AC
6Positive_06Verify that energy stars of the AC
7Positive_07Verify that model of the AC
8Positive_08Verify that material of the AC
9Positive_09Verify that dimensions of the AC
10Positive_10Verify that weight of the AC
11Positive_11Verify that capacity of the AC
12Positive_12Verify if it has a wi-fi connection with the smartphone or not
13Positive_13Verify that batteries are required or not
14Positive_14Verify that AC machine should respond to all buttons of the remote or ac panel
15Positive_15Verify that the splits window is properly working or not
16Positive_16Verify that AC fan is working properly or not
17Positive_17Check that button names are properly displayed on the remote and ac panel
18Positive_18Check that AC machine plugin is properly working or not
19Positive_19Verify that when power on and off functions are working properly or not
20Positive_20Verify that set a minimum cooling and feel that temperature
21Positive_21Check that increasing cooling and feel that difference

Test cases for AC
Test Cases for AC

Negative Test Cases for AC :

Sr.NoTestcase_IDTest Cases
1Negative_01Verify that specific ton AC for more than mentioned size of the room and check the cooling
2Negative_02Verify that cooling for all weather conditions
3Negative_03Verify that water is leakage or not from AC
4Negative_04Verify that cooling in extra small size room
5Negative_05Verify that cooling in extra big size room

Conclusion :

In this way, we include the test cases and scenarios for AC. If you want to explore another example of test cases then please visit the links below.

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