Test Cases for Chair

Sample Test Cases for Chair

In this article, Each Chair is unique in design and follows a particular pattern for the design. So we have to write cases for the same. We have covered positive and negative test cases for chair in this blog.

Positive Test Cases – Chair

SR.NoTestcase_IDTest Cases
1TC_01To verify that all the parts of the Chair are available or not.
2TC_02To verify that all the Chair’s legs are fitted properly. 
3TC_03To verify that the Chair cushion is fitted properly or not. 
4TC_04To verify that both the Chair arms are fitted properly or not.
5TC_05Check that the Chair is as per design specification or not.
6TC_06Check that the Chair has the color as per spécification or not.
7TC_07Check that the arms of the Chair as per the specification or not.
8TC_08Check that the seat as per the specification or not.
9TC_09Check that the logo of the company is properly printed or not.
10TC_10To verify that length, breadth, and other size specifications of the Chair Chair as per the requirement specification or not.
11TC_11Check that the Size and shape should be confirmable for Sitting or not.
12TC_12To verify that the material body of the Chair.
13TC_13To verify that the weight of the Chair.
14TC_14To verify that the chair’s material should not be easily damaged.
15TC_15Check that cushion is provided with a chair or not.
16TC_16To verify that the chair’s legs are on the same level on the floor or not. 
17TC_17To verify the height of the chair’s seat from the floor.
18TC_18Check that the chair is comfortable or not. 
19TC_19To verify that the chair is able to adjust to make height or low.
20TC_20To verify that the chair should be enough space to be seat.
21TC_21To verify that the chair is stable enough to take an average human load.
22TC_22Check that there is back support in the chair or not.
23TC_23Check that there should be support for hands in the chair
24TC_24To verify that condition when washed with water or the effect of water on the chair.
25TC_25Check that chair was made for no more than one person to sit on.
26TC_26To verify that the chair should wheel on bottom to move from one to another place if it is a wheelchair. 
27TC_27Check that the Chair can be gripped easily or not.
28TC_28To verify that chair’s look and feel should be good.
29TC_29To verify that when Putting a high pressure on the chair for a particular amount of time and check the behavior of the chair.
30TC_30Check the chair under the most harmful environmental conditions. 
31TC_31Check that the chair on different kinds of surfaces  like floor, glass, wood, Grass
32TC_32To verify that the Chair is properly working on all environments or not.
33TC_33To verify the time for how long the user can able to sit on it with the single sitting.

Negative Test Cases – Chair

SR.NoTestcase_IDTest Cases
1TC_01To verify the balance of the chair with one arm.
2TC_02To verify the balance of the chair with three legs.
3TC_03To verify Chair stress testing by dropping the Chair down from the practical height.
4TC_04To verify that nothing is breaking, no damage to the Chair and Chair is performed without any issues.
5TC_05To verify that how Chair is working at different climate environmental conditions.

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