Test Cases For Door

Test Cases For Door

In this post, we have tried to cover maximum positive and negative test cases test Cases for door.

Positive Test Cases

Sr.NoTestcase_IDTest Case
1Testcase_01Verify that type of the door like a single door or bi-folded door.
2Testcase_02Check that type of doors like sensor door, automatic door, glass door, or manual door.
3Testcase_03Check the brand name of the door.
4Testcase_04Check the color of the door.
5Testcase_05Check that dimension of L*W*H of the door.
6Testcase_06Check the material of the door.
7Testcase_07Verify that lock is included or not.
8Testcase_08Check the thickness of the door.
9Testcase_09Check if the glass panel is available on the door or not.
10Testcase_10Check that door opens inside or outside
11Testcase_11Verify that door is waterproof or not.
12Testcase_12Verify that door’s quality is as per expected or not.
13Testcase_13Verify how much force is needed to open or close the door.
14Testcase_14Check any paintings or designs on the door.
15Testcase_15Verify that the stopper is available on the door not.

Test Cases For Door
Test Cases For Door

Negative Test Cases

Sr.NoTestcase_IDTest Cases
1Testcase_01Verify that the door makes any sounds while opening or closing
2Testcase_02Verify that door is damaged or not.
3Testcase_03Verify that door’s condition in different seasons like rainy, winter, and summer
4Testcase_04Verify that door is non-scratchable or not.

Conclusion : 

So as above, we mentioned sample test scenarios for door. If you are also looking for more examples of test cases then please visit the link below:

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