Software Testing for water bottle

Test Cases for Water Bottle

This is a common topic for software testing interviews. So many interviewers ask candidates for test cases for the water bottle. We have covered positive and negative test cases for water bottle. So It will help to how to write test scenarios for the water bottle.

Positive Test cases for Water bottle:

Sr.NoTestcase_IDTest Cases
1Positive_01Check that type of the water bottle
2Positive_02Check that brand name of the water bottle
3Positive_03Check that the brand logo of the water bottle
4Positive_04Check that material of the water bottle
5Positive_05Check that height of the water bottle
6Positive_06Check that weight of the water bottle
7Positive_07Check that length of the water bottle
8Positive_08Check that capacity of the water bottle
9Positive_09Check that color of the water bottle
10Positive_10Check that shape of the water bottle
11Positive_11Check that cap of the bottle
12Positive_12Verify that water bottles can be either disposable or reusable
13Positive_13Verify that the water bottle is easy to carry anywhere or not
14Positive_14Verify that bottle has a sipper or not
15Positive_15Verify the bottle can be easily cleaned inside or not.
16Positive_16Verify the inside material of the water bottle is glass, steel, or plastic

Test cases for water bottle

Negative Test cases for Water bottle:

Sr.NoTestcase_IDTest Cases
1Negative_01Check that the water bottle is leakage or not
2Negative_02Check that the water bottle is damaged or not
3Negative_03Check that water bottle’s condition at a high temperature
4Negative_04Check that water bottle’s condition in minus degree temperature


So in this way, we have covered test scenarios for water bottle . If you want to explore more test cases then please visit the below links.

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