Quality Assurance And Quality Control

What Is Quality Assurance (QA) And Quality Control (QC)?

In software testing, Quality assurance and Quality control is mainly used for the improve the quality of the software products. So in this article, you will see the definition and difference between quality assurance vs quality control in software testing.

Quality Assurance : Quality Assurance (QA) is one type of the method where make the software product with minimum errors and bugs. Quality assurances involves the different types of the activities such as approaches, different techniques, methods and process in the software products. It help to identify the defects in the process.

Quality Control : Quality control (QC) is a one type of the process where identified the qualities of the software products. It will ensure about the software product meets the quality standards. It also involves the different techniques, reviews and methods.

In this article we will discuss the difference between Quality Assurance and Quality control.

Difference Between Quality Assurance And Quality Control

Quality AssuranceQuality Control
QA is a process oriented.QC is a product oriented.
The main focus on the manage the quality of the software products.The main focus on the verify the quality of the software products.
QA involves during the development phases.QC is not involved during the development phases.
Execution of the code is not involved in the QA.Execution of the code is involved in the QC.
QA helps to prevents defects at early stages.QC helps to identify and fix the defects during the testing phase.
QA involves the “Verification” process.QC involved the “Validation” process.
QA means : “Are we building the product right?QC means : “Are we building the right product?”
QA involves activities such as walk though, reviews, and inspections.QC involves activities as functional testing and non-functional testing.
QA focuses on the intermediate process.QC focuses on the actual product.
All members of the project can involve in the QAOnly Software testing teams can involve in the QC.


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