Test cases for marker

Test Cases For Marker

In this article, We have covered maximum test cases for marker which is mostly asked by interviewers. We have covered Positive, Negative test cases

Positive Test Cases For Marker

Sr.NoTestcase_IDTest Cases
1Positive_01Verify that type of the marker Pen Permanently or Temporary
2Positive_02Verify that the brand name of the marker
3Positive_03Verify that the brand logo of the marker
4Positive_04Verify that the size of the marker
5Positive_05Verify that the height of the marker
6Positive_06Verify that the weight of the marker
7Positive_07Verify that the length of the marker
8Positive_08Verify that the material of the marker
9Positive_09Verify that the ink color of the marker
10Positive_10Verify that the user is able to write on different surfaces or not
11Positive_11Verify that color of the marker pen
12Positive_12Verify that the point type of the marker pen
13Positive_13Verify that closure of the marker pen
14Positive_14Verify that marker is refillable or not
15Positive_15Verify that the ink quantity of the marker pen
16Positive_16Verify that ink is alcohol-based or water-based

Test cases for Marker
Test cases for Marker

Negative Test Cases For Marker

Sr.NoTestcase_IDTest Cases
1Negative_01Verify that marker is waterproof or not
2Negative_02Verify that ink should not be leakage from different holding positions.
3Negative_03Verify that marker is damaged or not


So in this way, we can identify test cases for real-life objects. We covered positive and negative test cases for the marker. If you want to explore more test cases on a real-life objects then please visit the below links.

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