Test cases for blackboard

Test Cases For Blackboard

Test Cases For Blackboard : Blackboard mostly asked the interviewers in the software testing interview. so in this article, we have tried to cover maximum Positive test cases and Negative test cases for black board and Duster.

Positive Test Cases For Blackboard:

  1. Check that type of blackboard like magnetic or nonmagnetic.
  2. Check that the brand name of the blackboard.
  3. Check that the brand logo of the blackboard.
  4. Check that user is able to write with a marker pen or not.
  5. Check that weight of the blackboard.
  6. Check the dimensions ( LxWxH ) of the blackboard.
  7. Check that color of the blackboard.
  8. Check that material of the blackboard.
  9. Check that type of the use of the blackboard like office or classroom.
  10. Check that frame of the blackboard.
  11. Check that hooks are properly fitted or not.
  12. Check that marker and duster holder are available or not.
  13. Check that blackboard’s surface is smooth or not.
  14. Check that it is easy to move around or not.

Test Cases For Blackboard Duster

  1. Verify the Duster’s design as per specification or not.
  2. Verify the Duster’s weight as per specification or not.
  3. Verify the Duster’s height as per specification or not.
  4. Verify the Duster’s size as per specification or not.
  5. Verify that the user is able to clean the blackboard using duster or not.

Negative Test Cases For Blackboard

  1. Verify if writing on board, scratches displayed or not.
  2. Verify that writing visibility on the blackboard with minimum glare.
  3. Verify that after removing writing, no ghost mark should be displayed.
  4. Verify that it is waterproof or not.


So as above, we mentioned sample test scenarios for blackboard. If you are also looking for more examples of test cases then please visit the link below :

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